Corrective & Cocmetic Facial Surgery

Orthognathic Surgery

Discrepancy of jaw bones show up as facial deformities like asymmetry, too much teeth show, too far forward jaw, too little chin etc. the solution is in Orthognathic surgery. We make planned bone cuts inside the mouth and fracture the jaws in a controlled way. All important neighbouring structures are seen and protected. There are no cuts placed on face. Now the free bones are moved and repositioned in a pre determined calculated position and fixed with micro plates and screws. Done under general anaesthesia, Orthognathic Surgery is usually a 3 day package. Back to normal life in 2 weeks.

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Distraction Osteogenesis

This is a modern way of Orthognathic Surgery in growing children and in cases of major discrepancies. Instead of a single stage procedure, here we implant a device after the planned fractures and gradually achieve the desired result over few weeks at home. The results are most permanent and very natural.


The nose can be altered to almost any desired form. These are 2-3 day packages. Surgery usually performed under general anaesthesia. Most Rhinoplasties are performed entirely through the nostrils and there is no visible scar. Even in open cases, the scar is hidden. We use rib cartilage as graft material as bone grafts often resorb and foreign body grafts are often refused by the body tissues and are quite expensive.


The chin is another important cosmetic feature of face. Too short or too prominent chin is often not liked. It can be very easily corrected. In the picture below we also performed LIPOSUCTION and upper LIP AUGMENTATION.

Removal of facial blemishes

Be it a mole or a birth mark, facial blemishes can be socially embarrassing. It requires, often only a minor surgery to get rid of them for ever.

Facial Reanimation

Most one sided facial paralysis is fortunately self corrective. However, in few unfortunate situations, we see permanent ones. These can be corrected surgically to a very acceptable level.

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