JAW CYSTS & TUMOURS (non cancer)

Fortunately most jaw swellings are not cancers. Some are just cysts, mostly originating from an unerupted tooth or remnants of tooth buds and others are benign tumours. The commonest benign jaw tumour is an ameloblastoma. Though classified as benign, these tumours are extremely stubborn and recurrence after excision is common unless done with very special care. The reconstruction following such excision is also a tricky area. A surgeon without a dental background is unlikely to give a functional rehabilitation of the tooth bearing jaws.


The excised tumour

Immediate result of
excision +reconstruction
A recurrent papilloma of upper jaw

The tumour encroaching throat

The excised complete tumour

This is a dangerous condition where abnormal blood vessels form an expanding mass destroying surrounding tissue. This can happen at any part of the body but face and jaws are common sites. Not only they destroy tissue and deform faces but even minor injury to them can cause life threatening bleeding. This also makes surgery of AVMs very difficult.

AVM involving

Upper jaw & cheek Carotid angiography

Post operative result

Bony disorders Fibrous dysplasia and few other benign bony disorders devastates facial form and function and well planned fine surgery with a cosmetic-functional approach can give good permanent result.

Fibrous dysplasia of Rt.Upper face

2 weeks following corrective surgery

One of the most challenging areas of surgical anatomy, the base of the skull, is the favourite site of many tumours. We love to take the challenge of excising skull base tumours (both benign and malignant) preserving all functionally important elements of face, head and neck and of course the cosmesis.

Base of The Skull

The trans facial excision

6 weeks later

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