Jaw Joint Surgery

Jaw joints are unique joints of our body and quite commonly undergo some pathological changes dissimilar to other joints. These require specialist attention. Fortunately most of these managements are non

There is a common entity called FACIAL ARTHROMYALGIA or in common terms, FACIAL PAIN SYNDROME. It is an addition to medical vocabulary in today's stressful lifestyle like IBS. Facial Arthromyalgia is pain and dysfunction originating and radiating from the bone-muscle-ligament-nerve complex of the jaw joints located just in front of the ears.

Most people seek an answer to this problem from multiple specialists dealing with ear, nerves or bones without much result before reaching a Maxillofacial Surgeon. The first task is to pin point the type of disorder, i.e. the degree of damage done. Based on the diagnosis, the treatment may be only soft diet and physiotherapy; a bite raising/altering splint; ultrasound/TENS therapy; minimally invasive interventions into the joint or rarely, open joint plasty.

TMJ Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty

A novel development into this field is the development of ultra fine arthroscopes that can be used to look into the joint and operate inside without elaborate incisions and explorations, risking the facial nerves damage and a scar. The equipment being very expensive and the training to use it being hardly available, this facility was not available in this part of the world. We put an end to this problem by acquiring a Stryker TMJ Scope into our battery.

The commonest open joint procedure is ankylectomy of TMJ. This means removing a fused part of bone limiting jaw movements or actually locking it completely. Additional surgical procedures are performed in the same operation to guarantee a permanent result. Following are only two pictures where patients came with locked jaw joints due to ankylosis and could hardly open their mouth. They went home with full mouth opening ability and retain that till date.

Doctors know that there are other reasons for limited mouth opening, namely OSMF. We have surgical cure for that as well, in selected cases.

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