Mouth cancer or cancer of head and neck invariably kills unless diagnosed early and treated aggressively and definitively. An early diagnosed oral/head-neck cancer can be removed surgically and the patient is free from disease following that (and radiotherapy in most cases). Many patients so treated are back to normal life and has the full remaining span of their life at their disposal. Medicines, whether modern chemotherapy or plant extracts or magic potions, cannot cure oral/head-neck cancer. Apart from some adjuvant role and palliative care of terminally ill cancer patients chemotherapy till date cannot do anything else for oral cancer. All claims of oral cancer CURING capacity of medicines to this date are experimental or just commercially guided gimmicks.

  • Non healing ulcers beyond 2 weeks must be seen by a specialist in mouth diseases.
  • Same applies for lumps and bumps, white and red patches and chronic bleeding of mouth.
  • An obvious neck lump is not ‘just tonsil'; it can be much more sinister. Best to be sure.
  • Cancer of mouth, diagnosed in time is removable. For Heaven's sake don't go hunting for the first doctor who would suggest a medical cure. Don't come to us if you don't want to, but don't kill yourself.
  • Smokeless tobacco and other addictive pouch preparations are known agents causing oral cancer. Hate these habits if you love yourself and the ones close to you.
  • A biopsy can save your life. Don't be scared of irresponsible rumours.

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