Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is one of the newer developments in the advancement of super specialty surgical sciences.
The head & neck region has traditionally been recognized as a very complex territory in human anatomy. This anatomical area has always presented clinicians with an array of diagnostic and surgical challenges due to the extreme structural, functional and cosmetic precision needs.
Many specialties jointly tried over the years to address the special needs of the area. But, there were shortfalls. till came this new super specialty with absolute customized training for the comprehensive management of only mouth, face, jaws and neck.
A complete maxillofacial surgeon spends equal time in formal dental and surgical training. This amounts at least ten rigorous years and then more years in the super specialty level. This lengthy training pathway is one of the primary reasons in the serious discrepancy in the demand and supply of specialist maxillofacial surgeons. This discrepancy is more intense in the third world like many other problems.
Ironically however, oral cancer is the highest in the Indian subcontinent and congenital facial deformities as well as lost faces due to nasty road traffic accidents are catching up fast.
To add to this painful reality, there is a commercially driven, organized effort to confuse the suffering lot about where to go with these problems. In the absence of a single specialty institute in the subject in the whole of North, North-East and Eastern India, Nepal, Bhutan and most of Bangladesh there was no way to fight back this planned exploitation of people's bad times. Moreover, maxillofacial surgical procedures are high end expensive surgeries. In the absence of transparent cost explanation patients could be easily ripped.
With these in mind we brought together our humble resources to present the first Maxillofacial Surgery and Training Institute for this vast geographical territory. The target, alongside the provision of comprehensive management of all head and neck pathology, deformity and injuries, is to train a new generation of maxillofacial surgeons to offset the long standing demand-supply difference. The economics is organized to change the concept that this is a rich man's specialty and bring down the cost through transparent affordable packages.

We are grateful to

  • Mr. Biswanath Roy
  • Mr. Samaresh Mukherji
  • Mrs. Krishna Mukherji
  • Dr. Jagadish Chandra Pal
  • Mrs. Reba Pal
  • Dr. P. R. Mukherjee
  • Mrs. Chitra Mukherjee
  • Mr. Ashoke Banerjee
  • Mrs. Jeniffer Banerjee
  • Mrs. Dorothy Khan
  • Mrs. Mousumi Sengupta
  • Dr. Srinivas Gosla Reddy
  • Mr. N.A. Nasser FDS, FRCS
  • Mr. Nayeem Ali FDS, FRCS
  • Mr. Simon Holmes FDS, FRCS
  • Mr. Graham Bounds FDS, FRCS
  • Mr. Roger Barr FDSRCS
  • Dr. George Paul
  • Dr. Amit K Roy
  • Dr. Sekhar Chakraborty
  • Subhasis Banerjee - Metaplant Instrument
  • The officials of the Advances dept. AXIS Bank Ltd
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