The neck is the cable connection between the brain and rest of the body. It also contains the airway and the food pipe along with many other important structures. All these are tightly packed in a tight, shirt cylinder of skin and muscles. Therefore, when pathology involves this compact territory, specialised surgical considerations becomes only too obvious.

Congenital (in born) anomalies, infections, benign and malignant tumours and trauma can all affect the neck. We deal with all neck lesions and conditions with due respect to form and function. A simple neck node biopsy under LA to a super selective or radical neck dissection fall under our special interest area….. THE NECK

In the Indian subcontinent, tuberculosis still remains a problem. With emergence of multi drug resistant strains of TB, extremely stubborn neck TB is quite common. These need surgical interventions after drugs fail. We often get to ‘sort out' messy necks after several months of watching these neck lumps grow, liquefy and eventually destroy the neck, all the time under changing regimes of antitubercular medicines. There is again a common rumour that operated neck TB only creates a permanent discharging sinus. This is ignorant statement. A scrapped neck TB would do so; not a well excised one. There is an example below and plenty more in our records. Of course ATT has to cover the surgery and the post operative months.

Neck TB sinus

The clear excision

6 months post operative

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